“We advocate for our patients to ensure safety, protection, confidentiality and continuous support for all participants in our clinical trials. Here’s what some of our patients are saying about us…”

When I found out I had uterine fibroids, I was told that the only treatment option was surgery – dismemberment – pain. I searched for options and came across this fibroids Clinical Trial. Best decision ever. My bleeding symptoms basically made leaving the house or doing the most mundane things a painstaking process. The research team did every test to ensure that I was healthy and a good candidate for this trial. The care I have received with this group has been amazing. This has been a blessing. I’m, normal again!


The research staff at GCP Clinical Research has done a great job making me aware of what’s going on and making me feel comfortable. They are very kind and concerned about my well-being.


Everyone involved in the clinical trial process has been very kind and encouraging. The study itself is very comprehensive.


The clinical trial experience has been way more informative and helpful than I expected. I never thought I would be able to receive relief without surgery from uterine fibroids and excessive bleeding. The staff is extremely attentive, thoughtful, patient, focused and helpful. I can say I did not feel like “just a number”. I feel they truly care about me and that my outcome is important to them. I am utterly appreciative and beyond thankful.


The Clinical Trial I participated in has been an awesome journey in my life, not just the research but the staff has been my rock and my Advocates. Been an advocate to me is a “supporter”. The research team has exceeded that. I have been involved in the trial for nearly a year and I can truly call them my friends and family.


The people at GCP Clinical Research are awesome!! I’m always see promptly. They are very professional ad knowledgeable. They are also friendly and approachable. It’s like talking to a long-time family physician or an old friend. I highly recommend them to patients considering a clinical research.